How Do I Play?

Participants will receive a free guidebook and map of Allamakee County when they sign up for the safari. Each of the 20 sites located throughout Allamakee County will have a wooden post located at the site, which will have a tile located on top with a design where participants will be able to make a rubbing into their guidebook. The map will tell them where all of the 20 rubbing posts are located, and the guidebook will tell them more about the sites, directions, and gives them a clue to find the rubbing posts and places to make each rubbing. Once they have visited all 20 sites, they will have a complete guidebook and will have gotten to experience and learn about sites in Allamakee County. One of our primary goals of the safari is to get people out in the county not only discovering the 20 sites we have selected, but also discovering our local businesses, restaurants and recreational areas and opportunities!

If you would like to go on the Safari, just head to one of the six Allamakee County public libraries to pick up your free map and guidebook (available May 22)! Then, take all summer to visit as many of the 20 featured sites as possible to see what you can discover about the special places of Allamakee County!

Pick Up Locations